Interested in Building?


We are glad that you are taking the time to explore the many options that are currently available to today’s potential Log, Timber Frame, and conventional Stick Frame home customers. Building any home can be an overwhelming task, but with solid guidance and correct information you can make the right decisions each step of the way towards a valuable investment in your home. We will be providing some helpful information that can eliminate a lot of the frustration in your home building process.


Windy Pine Log Homes LLC is a family orientated and operated business. This is important for you to know as a client because as homeowners ourselves, we have dreamed, planned and built our own log home as a family. We’ve worked within budget constraints, time frames and the whole process you will encounter as your home is being built. As a speaker at a log home building seminar once said, “If you move into your home with the same person that you started planning the home with, then you know the process has been a success!” Remember you are building a home not just a house. At Windy Pine Log Homes LLC we understand the full dimension of this process.


We would like to offer you helpful suggestions, professional council and just plain darn good advice while you pursue your dream home. The following list will be helpful in the preliminary stages of your home planning and will help determine how smooth the rest of the construction phase is and ultimately how your home turns out.


Again, thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us with any questions you have, simple or complex, so that we may assist you.

 - Jan and Seth Hellisgo




Downloadable Planning Guide